Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Dashing through the snow..."

Prediction from one of the pundits I read:

This year, Christmas music on the radio will be at an all-time-high popularity level.

Reason: people are so depressed about the economy and the presidential race that they will seek solace in Johnny Mathis and the Harry Simeone Chorale like never before.

What do you think?

Truth is, I got so burned out on seasonal songs when I had to play them on the radio that I turn pale when I hear the first notes of "White Christmas." Still, I understand the logic here, and I think it is probably correct. Of course, I always felt that going "all-Xmas music all the time" was a lazy way to program a radio station. And when stations started switching before the last trick-or-treater had pummeled my doorbell, I gagged.

Or maybe it was all those little Snicker bars.

Don N4KC

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Unknown said...

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