Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Is over-the-air radio "special?"

By Don Keith N4KC

Some in the radio biz would have you believe that their medium is somehow "special," immune to the same forces that have radically changed every other mass medium there is.

Ain't so!

If you are in the over-the-air radio business--or if you care about what is happening to it--then take just 20 minutes and watch this presentation on the subject.  It is the best summation of the situation I have seen so far.  Congrats, Mark Ramsey, on the insight and the perfectly-staged presentation!

Change is inevitable.  Rapid change can be painful and frightening.  But keeping an open mind, being creative and, at the same time, smart, and being willing to take some risks and maybe even fail a time or two...all these things help people and companies take advantage of change, not get steamrolled by them!

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