Friday, September 18, 2009

Another multi-number Flash movie

There seems to be an abundance of Flash movies out there that show us just how dramatically things are changing in the world of communications, advertising and media. HERE is another one.

Again, I don't know if the numbers presented (a bit fast for my tired old eyeballs) are accurate or not, but the story they tell is certainly true. It can be astounding for those of us who remember three TV channels, four or five radio stations...most of which we couldn't hear after the sun went down and we had to tune for WLS in Chicago or some other station that played our music...and, of course, no cell phone, Internet, or Facebook.

Heck, a blog was some other word misspelled.

And I'm not talking about going back to the '50s. As the video points out, change causes change, and it causes the whole thing to speed up.

Accept it? You may as well. It has its own momentum and there is nothing you can do to slow it down. And certainly not stop it.

The challenge is to help guide it in a positive way if you can. Or make the most of it for your own purposes. These are marvelous times for some, frightening as hell for others. Some fight it, ignore it, pray about it, or merely hide. But a couple of things are for certain.

It is inevitable. And the revolution has already begun.

Don Keith N4KC

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exponential times

Change begets change. As one development appears, more follow in a geometric progression. Here's a video I'd highly recommend. I don't know if all the facts are absolutely correct (was there even an "internet" in the 1980s?), but I think they are close enough to make the potentially frightening least to some.

Things is changing!

Is that a good or a bad thing? I think the answer is, "Yes."

What do you think?

Don Keith N4KC

Friday, September 4, 2009

Electromagnetic soup

Have you ever considered how much radio frequency energy is swirling around us like an invisible fog? And whether or not it has any effect on our fragile bodies? I admit, all those years I sat and spun records within fifty feet of a 50KW AM transmitter, I did wonder what vital organ all that stuff might be cooking. Far as I know, I suffered no ill effects, though my family and friends might consider it an explanation for many things they previously could not understand about me.

All this popped up again with the ubiquity of the cellular telephone--which is, don't forget, simply a radio transceiver--and most people began spending far more time with that little device clamped to the sides of their heads. They work in a frequency range that does show some evidence of doing some serious cellular rearrangement. But all studies seem to indicate that at the low power levels used by most such devices, there is no real danger. Until people suddenly start bleeding from the eyes and turn into something out of the movie I Am Legend. Or brain cancer is as common as sunburn.

Here's a humorous example of what can actually happen. We hams know all too well how a stray bit of RF getting into a poorly designed device can build mightly walls between neighbors.

What do you think? With the massive increase in the numbers of devices using radio frequencies, from wi-fi to cell phones to broadband over power lines, do you wonder if you will suddenly grow a horn in the middle of your head and start speaking in Martian?

Or start getting the SyFy Channel on your bridgework?

Don Keith N4KC