Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things that are going bye-bye

Got an interesting email today, talking about all the things we take for granted--things most of us assume will always be with us--that will soon be gone, ready or not.  I disagree with a couple of them.  But as change inevitably erases the un-erasable, look for many of these things to soon be gone bye-bye:
  • The Post Office.  (Saw one of the USPS's top bureaucrats on TV the other day justifying his archaic department by talking about how mail carriers check on the elderly and report fires and crime.  Sigh.)
  • The check.  I could add cash money, too.  Both rapidly going away, replaced by plastic and cyber-money.
  • The newspaper.  I've talked about that here before.  No more ink on your hands. News that is 24 hours old?  How twentieth century!
  • The book.  I'm not convinced that the traditional paper book is gone just yet.  Other ways to read?  Sure, and as an author, anything that encourages people to read and makes it easier for them to buy "books" is fine with me.  But I still think enough people like the feel, portability, and ease of use so that they'll still have to print and bind them for a while yet.
  • Land line telephone.  A given.  When cell service is good enough at my house, bye-bye land line.
  • Music.  (?)  The writer says that since nobody exposes good, new music, the entire genre is self-destructing.  I think new ways of exposing are emerging.  Exciting days are coming.
  • Television.  Yes, for over-the-air or cable, and for the big four networks.  No for video.  Our grandkids will not know the difference.  TV is moving pictures on a screen of some kind.  Moving pictures are moving pictures, whether it comes from a tower on a hill or via wireless.
  • Computers with hard drives and data stored on CDs/DVDs.  It's all going to the "cloud."  Everything you would normally keep on your machine will reside out there in the ether somewhere...software, data, pictures.  And you will use myriad devices to access it, not just a desktop computer.
  • Privacy.  'Nuff said.

Don Keith N4KC