Friday, October 22, 2010

Yi-Tan...wish I had known!

When I started this blog about rapid technological change, I wish I had known that "yi tan" was Mandarin Chinese for "change."  That would have been so cool!  However, somebody much more linquistically aware than I has jumped on the web with an interesting discussion forum on change and they grabbed that moniker.

They came to my attention through a podcast they hosted that discusses online radio, including who is doing it, who has failed at it, what is going to happen with it, and more.  It's an interesting 45 minutes of so.

When everyone can access the Internet from a device in the dash of their car (sound like a "radio?"), and whether it works by wi-fi, smart-phone technology, satellite or tin-can-and-a-string, it will revolutionize media in a way I think none of us can predict.  Imagine streaming Shrek to the kids in the backseat while mom and dad use Bluetooth earpieces to listen to each person's favorite music or a talk show.  Or maybe one of them is chatting--hands-free, of course--with a friend.  All this while a GPS-like device displays where they are, how far they are from their exit, and what the weather is like along the route.

You know what?  All this is coming, and it is just around the corner.

Don Keith N4KC

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