Thursday, October 7, 2010

So many topics, so little time!

Between the day job (in budget meetings all day every day this week), the book projects (working on a wonderful story about one of the most unique characters of World War II, a great story about three old vets returning to Washington to visit the WWII memorial, and a sequel to FINAL BEARING), and some upcoming minor eye surgery, I am having trouble finding time to post here.  And never mind getting on the air on the ham radio!  My poor amp has not even been turned on since Saturday.  She's feeling neglected.

I did want to mention a wonderful editorial in the current issue of CQ Magazine.  Rich Moseson W2VU covers a subject near and dear to my heart: attracting young people to our hobby.  Near and dear because I, like so many of my generation, fell in love with the magic of radio at an early age, got our licenses, and many of us used that interest as a springboard to careers in related fields.  If you ever feel depressed about the upcoming generation--and it seems it is a requirement for us curmudgeons to decry "these damn kids today!"--READ THIS EDITORIAL. CQ has been so kind as to post it on the Web so you can read it without subscribing to the magazine or standing in your local bookstore.

And for my broadcasting buds out there, I have been trying to work this quote into a post and expand upon it.  However, since they are now calling me to yet another all-day budget meeting, I am going to throw it out there.  Feel free to comment until I get the opportunity.  The quote:

“Digital is not about replacing traditional [media], it’s about empowering it." 

It comes from an author and commentator named Rick Mathieson, whose latest book is THE ON-DEMAND BRAND.  Interesting thoughts, and they come at a time when those in traditional media--especially radio--take two stances: head-in-the-sand or "the world is coming to an end!"  Neither is appropriate or the way to survive the rapid technological change we are experiencing in media.

Okay, okay!  I'm coming!  Get the Power Points and the spreadsheets warmed up.  And I'll try to talk about Rick's propositions later.  Meanwhile, comment away!

Don Keith N4KC

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