Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"National Public Radio" no longer exists

It's true.  "National Public Radio" has gone away.  It is no longer in existence.  Note the quotes, though, as you read this from the Washington Post:

NPR says it’s abbreviating the name it has used since its debut in 1971 because it’s more than radio these days. Its news, music and informational programming is heard over a variety of digital devices that aren’t radios.

In case you haven't noticed, rapid technological change has brought us myriad new ways for us to get entertainment, news, commentary, and just plain junk.  "Radio" as we know and love it is no longer a tower on a hill and a 100KW transmitter blowing RF all over the countryside.  "Radio" is not even just audio anymore.

We have a local morning show here in my hometown (Rick and Bubba...look for their new book early next year, partially written by yours truly...and Bubba is actually Bill Bussey KJ4JJ) that plays video clips on a "radio" show.  And simultaneously broadcasts on about fifty over-the-air stations around the country even as they can be found on Sirius-XM from the satellite, on the worldwide web, and on UStream, which carries a video version of the program.

Aren't you noticing how many TV network shows are urging you to be online as you watch so you can see additional material, vote on stuff, or just see more.  NASCAR races offer an abundance of online stuff to go with the TV or radio play-by-play.  Add in blogs, Facebook and Twitter updates, individual web sites, and more and you can see the future of media is here.  Now.

And it is MULTI-media!

Don Keith N4KC

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Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Yes, it seems that the race is on to see how many add-ons old-school TV and "real" radio can have.

Pretty soon, Diane Sawyer and Wolf Blitzer will be relegated to the scrap heap and some citizen "breaking news" person will be sitting at some tiny console at home doing blogonews or what have you.

I'm all for technological change in all walks of life, especially ham radio, which tries mighty hard to cling to the old school ways.

But hey, I have my Panasonic Toughbook integrated with my K3 for state-of-the-art PSK31 DXing (and more) and my big Dell desktop loaded with SKYPE, logging software, and many more apps, so I guess I am totally integrated. Oops, no, I am not.

I resist signing up on Facebook and won't tweet just yet, fearing just as I get all hooked up, some other totally time-sucking social networking gizmo will debut on the scene.

I wouldn't be surprised that in the new year, one of the Big Three ham radio gear manufacturers will figure out how to seamlessly install a computer inside an HF rig so we can do all this extra "stuff" that some old dogs would say would make Hiram Percy Maxim roll over in his grave.

But change is the only constant, isn't it, Don.

Excuse me, I must QRT. I have to let my robot dog out. And the XYL? She's on the virtual reality link right now. Ready to bust my chops for buying yet another radio toy. Hi!


Wayne C. Long, K9YNF
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