Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Oh, Lord! Nothing has happened!

So it has been over a month since I breathlessly bemoaned some major technological brouhaha and how it would upset this little applecart we call "life as we know it." Does that mean nothing at all has happened since?

No! Stuff has happened since I started typing this post. Big stuff. But it will have to wait. I've been busy traveling and promoting a couple of books I wrote under the pseudonym Jeffery Addison. And doing final edits on WAR BENEATH THE WAVES, my new non-fiction book that will be out in early April 2010. And starting a novel that has been rattling around in my head for a while yet. And checking on a movie project on one of my books that will--please!--be announced early next year. And squeezing in some ham radio activity when I can. And, of course, trying to stay ahead of the behemoth that is my day job at Education Corporation of America.

There are topics I want to address as I sit here and listen to the lifeless "all-Christmas-music" radio stations. Or learn more about the radio ratings head-butting between Arbitron and Nielsen. Or read of several medical breakthroughs...still anticipating one that will make life much better for someone I love very much, just as her newly-discovered meds are already doing.

But that will have to wait. I've got commercials to produce, collateral to design, books to write, and fellow amateur radio operators in exotic countries to talk with.

But if I don't talk to you in the meantime, have some especially great holidays. That's an order!

Don Keith N4KC


Steve GW7AAV said...

Hi Don, Are your books that bad that you need to use a pseudonym?

Sorry, just kidding.

Good luck with the sale of your books and the movie. One day (maybe when I retire) I will finish one of the dozen or so books I started writing but have never had the motivation to complete. Seasons greetings, maybe you will have time for a little DX between Christmas and New Year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Just wanted you to know, as you blast around the country on all these promo junkets and the like, that this writer values your friendship and knows that your BIG MOMENT is assured.

You're one of the Good Guys, Don!

My best to you and your family this Christmas season!

Wayne C. Long, K9YNF
Writer/Editor/Digital Publisher
Where the Short Story LIVES!

Don Keith N4KC said...

Steve, not only do I use the pen name, but I also have to work so very, very hard to convince somebody to buy a copy! Thanks for the good wishes, and you can bet I will squeeze in some rag-chewing and DX chasing during some of the down time upcoming. Best to you and yours...and get crackin' on those books!

Wayne, great to hear from you, too, and thanks for the kind wishes. Same to you and your family. You guys stay warm up there on the tundra.

73 to both you fine fellows!

Don N4KC

bathmate said...

@Don Keith N4KC :r u a lady or A MAN?