Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let's pick on radio again

I know. I should quit picking on a medium I really and truly love. And one that fed my family for 22 years. But gosh, things just keep on getting sillier. Here's a blurb from INSIDE RADIO, one of the trade pubs that is more a mouthpiece for the big owners than anything else:

Radio’s reign as king of in-car listening may not be over, but there’s a new threat. Autonet Mobile has begun selling Wi-Fi for the car at more than 3,300 stores nationwide, including Best Buy. But a Jacobs Media survey finds just 6% want Wi-Fi in their next car. Most prefer an iPod connection.

I'd love to see the specs on the Jacobs Media study. That 6% does not include the folks I hang around with who break out in hives if they have less than five bars on the signal strength from the wi-fi.

And maybe somebody can tell me why preferring an iPod connection is any better than them glomming onto wi-fi as they zoom down the freeway.

Anything that siphons off ears is a bad thing for radio. And especially if those ears are part of a tribe that advertisers value.

Read previous posts re: wi-fi in the car. When it becomes as ubiquitous as over-the-air radio -- or even close, because there are plenty of other things competing for the attention of the folks in their cars...cell phones, satellites, etc. -- then over-the-air radio is dead. Quite dead. Comatose. Expired.

To quote Monty Python.


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