Saturday, August 14, 2010

They know where you live...

Did you see THIS?  As it becomes easier to communicate and share thoughts and images with others, we give up more and more of our ability to remain hidden or maintain any semblance of privacy.  As with many things, it is a trade-off.  I love the ability to post pictures of my grandkids, for friends and their family members on the West Coast.  But I must also be aware that anytime I do so, I am posting those images for anyone anywhere on the planet to see.
And you know what?  There are dangerous people out there.
Facebook is facing these issues.  People chat and post and share things on Facebook that they'd hesitate to chat about, post, or share around a table with friends at lunch.
To make an ancient analogy, I remember when the average police scanner could pick up mobile telephone calls.  I had one of the channels programmed in and heard some truly wild conversations.  Did people did not realize they were--in effect--broadcasting?  That anyone with a $30 Radio Shack scanner could eavesdrop on their chats?
But how is that different nowadays?  All you need is a computer, the Internet, and a Facebook account.

Don Keith N4KC

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