Monday, August 16, 2010

Just when you thought you were ahead of technology...

For those of us who try to stay up to date on the mass of changing technology, here comes word that the stuff we just this minute adopted is already passe.  An article on Yahoo claims the following very, very recent products are way past being the final answer...thanks to the iPhone and the Android.  ("The iPhone and the Android?"  Sounds like the title of some Pixar animated feature!).

The article claims, "The future of technology is integration, something Apple's iPhone and Google's Android products have a better grasp of than, say, Garmin's personal navigation devices or Acer's netbooks. Though there seems to be enough room for everyone -- with the Commerce Department finding last week that American spending on tech items increased 1.8% from 2007 through the first six months of this year while spending on appliances, furniture and clothing declined -- analysts agree that the only thing separating some gadgets from the grave is the size of their displays."

It goes on, "With motion-control gaming, e-books, navigation, mid-range-megapixel cameras and myriad other computing options already included in smartphones, the market space and need for more screens is shrinking. While the iPad is among the devices shrugging it off with more than 14 million sales so far this year, the nearly 4 percentage point growth in the smartphone market so far in 2010 and the $6.2 billion pundits predicts will be spent downloading 4.5 billion mobile applications in app stores this year has navigation devices, netbooks and even Nintendo starting to feel pressure in their numbers."

So what's now virtually worthless, ready for the scrap heap?

  1. Digital cameras
  2. Video game consoles
  3. Navigation devices (such as those manufactured by Garmin)
  4. Netbooks
  5. E-readers
By the way, if you are no longer using any of those devices and have made the transition to doing it all on your iPhone or Android, I'll be happy to take them off your hands, so to speak.  I'll see that they get the proper attention!

Don Keith


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

If I may vent: I hate touch screens. I can't hit the keys I want which is very annoying. I ask others around me and I have found I am not alone. I hope the novelty wears off and the producers continue to offer physical membrane switch interfaces in devices.

I'm a little behind the curve. My Blackberry Pearl which I do love has only the phone keys. I go nuts typing emails. So I am looking forward to upgrade time for a bigger screen but more importantly a full alphabet keyboard. But no touchscreen for me please. And I suppose an integrated Morse Code paddle is totally out of the question!

Don Keith N4KC said...

I'm with you, Recumbent. I had a Palm Treo that ended up getting into some really weird configurations because of that @%*&$ touch screen. I traded back down to a much simpler HTC that does everything I need...without the finger prints and getting locked up everytime I tried to answer a call!

I'd like to hear more about that "integrated Morse code paddle." I love my K8RA key but need something for mobile. K8RA makes a nice mini, but the dang thing costs $80! And I'd still have to figure a way to mount it to my steering column or somewhere.

Don N4KC

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Hi Don,
Check out American Morse Equipment. Very nice compact paddles for portable work and not an arm/leg either.

I use the Bushwhacker paddle with the heavy base as my main key if not using bug or straight.


Don Keith N4KC said...

Mike, interesting stuff! Then I'd have to retune my mobile resonant in the SSB portion of the bands on 20 and 40...but should work fine on 17 up.

Thanks...and 73,

Don N4KC

PS: Got Azerbajain on 30 CW last night for an all-time new one. Have to brag about it somewhere!

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Great on the new country. With the flux up around 80 the past few weeks I notice I am getting further into eastern Europe and hit a new distance record to Greece- 5,200 miles on a 33 foot piece of wire. I Have not had a lot of time to get on the air with summer projects on the front burner. I will get back into it in the fall and winter for sure.

One of my ham radio goals is to develop my head copy ability to a level that allows me to operate cw while mobile. Seems a great way to pass the time on long or short trips.

What type of rig are you using for your mobile setup?


Don Keith N4KC said...

Mike, I use a Yaesu FT-857D. Being able to copy is not an issue. I rarely write anything down...just the important stuff. I've never tried mobile CW, and would not try it while in motion for a while. I just enjoy finding a nice spot at lunch, eating a sandwich and doing some mobile operating...which typically turns into more listening than transmitting.

--Don N4KC

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Interesting Don,

HF and VHF in the car is something I will work on in the future when finances allow. Sure would be nice to have a qso or two while the XYL is in the store shopping.

-73 Mike KD8JHJ