Saturday, July 10, 2010

A true hero

Want to meet a true hero?  Charley Odom is one of the key characters in my book WAR BENEATH THE WAVES.  The local TV station in his hometown did a profile on Charley this week, and I believe it is well worth watching.

That is not because they feature several pictures of my book (though I am thrilled to hear that Charley loved the book and recommends it to everyone he meets).

No, it is the simple fact that we are losing a thousand WWII veterans every day.  I'm on a mission to not let their stories die with them.  And it was an honor to be able to keep Charley's heroic night in the Makassar Strait--as well as all the other things he did on our behalf--in front of people.

Click HERE to see the TV profile.

Don Keith N4KC

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