Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two self-serving posts in a row? Geeez!

Hey, it IS my blog, okay? I just wanted to make certain that anyone who stumbled onto this mess while looking for Don Keith Opper or Toby Keith or Don Juan or Keith Olberman or somebody really famous knew that the new book--WAR BENEATH THE WAVES--is also going to be available as an audio book.

No, I didn't know. Not until I saw it on Amazon and then went to the audio publisher's site and read the whole deal...which you can do, too, if so moved, by clicking on the link you can find HERE.

Or quit the stalling and go buy a copy by clicking HERE.

The hero of the book is a WWII veteran named Charlie Rush. He is 91, lives in South Florida, and is as lucid and interesting a fellow as you will ever meet. I admit I was a bit worried about how he would like the book, or that he would find mistakes. I had a long chat with him last weekend, after he got his copy of the book and read it cover-to-cover in one day. His first words to me on the telephone were, "Fanstastic book!" He went on to tell me he was amazed how accurately I told the story without having actually been there. You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to hear that. It was important to Charlie--and to me, by the way--that the story be told accurately and without bias. I should give credit to Captain Rush, who spent quite a bit of time on the phone with me doing interviews and referred me to a few other interviews and oral histories he gave. And to Chief Charlie Odom, who left a great oral history at the University of Tennessee. And to John Crouse, who runs the Submarine Museum in St. Mary's, Georgia, and was kind enough to copy and send me a stack of patrol logs from the Billfish.

Now, I can't wait to HEAR how the book turned out!

Don Keith

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