Friday, March 19, 2010

More self-serving and boastful content

Okay, I apologize. This is another one of those self-serving posts that is unabashedly aimed at promoting my stuff and making me money. So shoot me!

Two things:

First, my new book, WAR BENEATH THE WAVES from Caliber/Penguin will release on April 5. I have a number of signings and media appearances coming up, including the Rick and Bubba Show (syndicated to 50 markets around the country) on April 6 at 8 AM CDST. Dash on over to my WEBSITE for more details on places where I will be just in case you don't want to accidentally run into me somewhere. Or for more info on the book itself--and it is a wonderful story even if I DID write it--click away on this CAPTITALIZED TEXT and your browser will do the rest.

By the way, the kind folks at The Washington Post have asked me to do a short article on leadership, using this story as the basis, and that will appear on their web site in mid-April. Stay tuned and I'll have more news on that in future unabashedly self-serving posts.

Secondly, the website--a great spot for anyone interested in the hobby of amateur radio or electronics--has lost their senses and published another article written by this writer. If you find extra time on your hands and want to take a tour of the slices of HF spectrum that are devoted to us "ham nuts," click somewhere close to HERE and take a look. It is intended for those who are developing an interest in the hobby or who are relatively new and not familiar with the character of the different frequency bands on which we cast out radio signals into the ether.

So, the sun is shining, the temperature is above 70 for the first time in months, and I'm ready to reach into the top-right-hand desk drawer, take out the 5-and-a-quarter-inch floppy diskette, insert it into the A: drive on the Packard-Bell, get an A: prompt, and type in "execute weekend.exe."

See you on the radio!

Don Keith


Anonymous said...

Hi Don!

Kudos on all counts, my friend!

I hope you incorporate your articles into a "newbie" book like my DXer friend Bob Locher has published. As many said, nowhere else is this very helpful information available.

As we speak, I am preparing for the August 16 kick-off of my ham radio Golden Anniversary IOTA DXpedition to one of North America's "Most-Wanted." I will announce details closer to that time in all the DX news outlets.

You're the best, Don!

Wayne C. Long, K9YNF
Where the Short Story LIVES!

Don Keith N4KC said...

I may just do that someday...when I have the time and energy! Thanks, Wayne, and keep us posted on the IOTA dxpedition.

You don't need a cracker-jack CW op to go along with you, do you? The N9N special event operation just whetted my appetite.


Don Keith N4KC

Anonymous said...

Wish I could take you along, Don, but my wife is sharing the solar-powered island QTH where I will operate for five days. This will be our third IOTA DXpedition.

Speaking of cracker-jack CW ops, I hope you work my good friend and fellow IOTA Honour Roller Dr. Mike McGirr, K9AJ, as he and his crew activate FOUR New Ones in T32 as we speak:

OC-279 Malden I.
OC-280 Starbuck I.
OC-281 Caroline I.
OC-282 Vostok I.

Again, thanks for your wonderful writing and your unselfish Elmering skill, fostering a whole new generation of hams.


Wayne, K9YNF

Anonymous said...

Guess I can't complain about you taking your wife instead of me!

You bet I'll look for T32. I need them on all bands except 15 CW/SSB and 17 CW.

Don Keith N4KC