Friday, April 10, 2009

Whew! All is well with radio broadcasting!

Man, this is a relief! Just when we had all these naysayers proclaiming the death of radio broadcasting, here comes the good news in one of the daily trade pubs:

More than half (55%) of those surveyed by American Media Services listen to about the same amount of radio than in the past. Nearly one in five (18%) have increased their listening. When commercials come on -- a majority (56%) say they keep listening to the station.

Never mind the grammatical error in the first sentence ("same amount...than in the past"), this should cue the hosannas. I'm sure the survey was a representative sample, that there were no artifacts in how the question was worded or presented, and that the results were properly gathered and interpreted.

And that there is no bias, considering American Media Services bills itself on its web site as "a leading radio brokerage and developmental engineering firm with clients nationwide." A "radio brokerage" firm would have no vested interest in radio listening being protrayed as "stable," would it?

Am I wearing my incredulity on my sleeve?

Don Keith


goody said...

If it wasn't for NPR I would not listen to any terrestrial broadcast radio these days.

I can venture a guess why the 18% are listening to more radio now :-)

Don Keith N4KC said...

I'm still trying to figure out why it is good news that 44% either tune away or turn off their radios completely when commercials come on. Of course, with the increase in DVR usage for TV, the TV networks may one day wish 56% of viewers saw their commercials!

Thanks for leaving the comment...

Don N4KC