Thursday, April 2, 2009

How dare they?

The ABC name will no longer be part of radio as ABC Radio Networks rebrand itself as Citadel Media. The network says the name reflects not only its current owner, but an evolution to target audiences and advertisers across all media platforms.

So they are throwing away 50 years of brand awareness and the goodwill they get from ABC-TV to “reflect its current owner” and as “an evolution to target audiences and advertisers across all media platforms.”

Not to mention that they are adopting a brand name that 99% of listeners don't even know. And the 1% that does probably knows that their stock is worth pennies...down from the $10 range only a couple of years ago. That they are being delisted by NASDAQ because of that. That they and their CEO are known throughout the radio industry as the type company that cuts to the bone, to the detriment of their on-air product.

Please, somebody tell me. How does jettisoning that name make it easier to target audiences and advertisers. Well, since Citadel has pretty much eviscerated the former ABC radio stations and network, it only makes sense to hang their name on them now.

Paul Harvey’s spinning in his grave!

Don Keith N4KC

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