Saturday, August 23, 2008

N9N Followup

I guess--strictly speaking--news and updates on our ham radio special event operation from USS Nautilus do not fit the scope of this blog. But heck! It's my blog and I'm still thrilled with how well this whole thing came off and the reaction to it from the amateur radio community. The image on this post is the front of the QSL card, which I hope to have in-hand in a few days, thanks to the quick work of the QSL Factory in Great Britain.

Thanks to the Navy MARS crew, I now have a bunch of photos. I'm working through them, getting IDs on some of the people in the pictures, and will post them on my ham radio web site ( when I get a chance. (I know I need to update that site, too, but there are only 26 hours in my days lately!).

I'm also working on an article about the event that I will submit--first to QST, the amateur radio society's magazine and then, if they don't want it, to other publications.

Coming up, we're off to Ft. Worth, Texas, on September 3 for the United States Submarine Veterans convention, then back to Groton/New London, CT, for the reunion of former crewmembers of Nautilus.

Look for me, too, either Thursday or Friday, August 28 or 29, at 11:30 AM EDST on the radio on the nationally-broadcast G. Gordon Liddy Show.

Don N4KC

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