Friday, August 1, 2008

Climbing on the big bird to the big boat

Well, I'm up at 5 AM, ready to catch a plane, headed for Groton, Connecticut, for this weekend's events surrounding the Nautilus North Pole 50th anniversary. It's a full few days for an old book-writer/ad guy. Because of the connections, it will take me all dang day to get there, and then I want to run by the Submarine Force Museum and Library and see if I can help Chuck Motes and the Navy MARS guys in setting up our stations for the special operating event.

From what I know of Chuck and his crew, that will probably long since have been completed, but I do want to meet them in person and shake their hand and thank them properly for all they've done. We'll kick off N9N tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 9 AM. I talked them into letting me have the first operating shift on 20 meters, so hope for good propagation.

Later, at noon, I'll speak to whoever might be gathered in the museum and sign some copies of THE ICE DIARIES for anybody who wants to buy one. Several of the North Pole crew from Nautilus will be there, too, and I'm excited about meeting a couple of them I have not yet met.

Sunday is an operating day, and maybe a chance to actually tour the submarine I wrote about, USS Nautilus. Then I have to be in New York City, on 42nd Street, at WPIX-TV, at 6:30 Monday morning for an interview. That day will not end until sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, doing the national Joey Reynolds Show on the WOR Radio Network.

Then I drive back to Groton, try to get an hour or two of sleep, and then catch a plane mid-day in Providence, RI. From there, it's back to Birmingham for a signing event with my favorite bookstore in the world, The Alabama Booksmith, at 6 PM.

See how exciting the life of a book-slogger can be!

Don Keith N4KC

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