Friday, August 1, 2014

Rapidly changing technology? One of my publishers finally catches up!

by Don Keith N4KC

rolling thunder NASCAR books by Don Keith

 I suppose there is some irony there.  I blog about rapid technological change, and especially how it affects media (such as book publishing!).  Yet some of my more successful books have--until very recently--remained available only in good, old-fashioned mass market paperback and audio formats.  Well, Tor, one of the major publishers, notified me a while back that they were finally--after more than 15 years!--releasing the ROLLING THUNDER STOCKCAR RACING SERIES novels (co-written with Kent Wright) as e-books.

Thank you, Tor!  Truth is, ebooks had not really come about yet when Kent and I did the books, and publishers are still not that gung-ho about releasing older material, even in e-book, which actually costs very little to do.  We are pleased the publisher believes enough in the material to to do.  Now, can they find a new audience?  Obviously, Kent and I, as well as the publisher, hope so.  We sold quite a few paperbacks and audio books, and got great reviews and comments.  The series is written on an adult level but are perfectly acceptable for readers of all ages.

Librarians and teachers were especially excited about the books since the subject of NASCAR racing might attract kids who were not fans of reading.  And the writing is such that they might encounter some metaphor, simile, foreshadowing, character development, and other literary devices without realizing it.

Plus the books are just a lot of fun!  Fun while tracing the history of one of America's most popular sports using fictional characters but with "appearances" by some of racing's best-known names.

So we are thankful that technology has allowed the ROLLING THUNDER books to be available again in a format that might allow others to take a ride--at almost 200 miles per hour!--with our characters.

Here is the press release that tells more and gives a link to a web page that gives more info about the books:

* * *   NEWS RELEASE * * *
July 24, 2014


The very popular ROLLING THUNDER STOCKCAR RACING SERIES novels have now been released as e-books for all types of digital devices.  Each of the books was well received, both by readers and critics, when originally released in paperback by Tor Books and as audio books by DH Audio.  However, until now they have not been available in digital formats.

While written on an adult level, this series of exciting books by award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith and NASCAR expert Kent Wright are perfectly suitable for younger readers.  It is not necessary to read the books in any particular order either.  Each work stands on its own.  The stories are based on real characters and actual events in the history of racing, from the whiskey-hauling days in Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina to the slick, new speedways of today. Many of the actual, real-life legends of the sport make "appearances" in the books.

The authors have tried to place readers right there in the cockpit of a 700-horsepower racecar!  Peter Golenbock, the co-editor of THE STOCKCAR RACING ENCYCLOPEDIA, says, "The ROLLING THUNDER novels do exactly what they promise to do: put the reader in the pits, behind the scenes, in the cockpit of a racecar, but they also give a compelling look at the personal side of big-time racing. Mostly, though, they are simply great stories about truly interesting people.”

In addition, the books earned high praise from teachers and librarians because they encouraged many younger readers who would not usually be interested in reading to explore these novels.

To learn more about this ground-breaking…and ground-shaking!...series, go to:

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