Monday, April 21, 2014


For many, this particular milestone may not seem like much:

Milestone moment as radio overtakes newspaper.
In a historic crossing of revenue trend lines, for first time the radio industry was larger than the newspaper industry in terms of revenue last year. Eight consecutive years of declines for newspapers are to blame. The Newspaper Association of America reports total revenue fell 9% to $17.3 billion. That’s $349 million below what radio logged last year in what turned out to be a flat year for broadcasters.
To those involved in the radio and newspaper businesses and the advertisers who use those media, it is a massive change.  Be assured it is a day many thought would never come...that is until the last few years.  Then it became inevitable.  Rapid technological development in the media realm made it so.

Now, I would like to see stats on where all traditional media--over-the-air TV and radio, print newspapers and magazines--rank against new media such as satellite radio, music streams, and the biggest big dog of them all, internet search.

Radio and newspaper advocates might then be arguing about whether their horse finished ninth or tenth.


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cheers said...

technology has ertainly changed the face of the world...just as internet has bought us closer, the nuclear technology drifts us apart:(