Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hate to say I told you so

Three totally unrelated things today. 

First: all the media news today is wrapped around the announcement by newspaper conglomerate Advance Media that their New Orleans Times-Picayune would soon cease publishing a print edition every day.  They will only throw a paper in Crescent City driveways on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.  Otherwise, subscribers will have to get their news from their online "digital" edition, which will thoretically be updated constantly.

Told you so.  The economics and competitive landscape for traditional newspapers have long since been obsoleted, not just by technology buy how people expect to get their news.  Stay tuned.  This is only the first shot.  My hometown paper, The Birmingham News, also an Advance paper, announced today they and others in the group will do likewise beginning soon.  Prediction:  none of these entities will be publishing traditional newspapers--any day of the week--within two years.

Second item: amateur radio circles have been all atwitter about the introduction this week of a new transceiver from Kenwood, their TS-990S.  Not really "introduction."  They had a non-working prototype for view at the massive Dayton Hamvention last week.  Kenwood is not talking much, for good reasons.  Some features are not yet set.  And they have patents pending on some things they would prefer remaining quiet about.  But that has not stopped rampant (and often ludicrous) speculation.  It's fun, though.  Plus it is a vote by a major manufacturer that the hobby will continue to grow and be vibrant.

I had told you earlier that new technology in the manufacture of ham radio gear would reinvigorate the market, and with it, the hobby.  Here's proof.  The fact that both QST and CQ Magazine, the hobby's two major publications, are now offering digital editions is another example of how ham radio continues to do its best to keep up with how potential hams expect their hobby to evolve.

Finally, what is this with an ugly message at the top of Blogspot's post page that tells me that my browser is no longer supported by "Blogger?"  Internet Explorer is no longer supported?  The most widely used internet browser by miles?  They are kind enough to suggest that I try Chrome if I am having problems.

I am.  Having problems, that is.  Editing this post is almost impossible, and I had to add that huge image of the Kenwood TS-990S just to get a cursor in the edit box.  I still can't go back with the mouse and put the cursor anywhere else in the post, not can I copy the text.  I just hope Google is not throwing its weight around.  I don't mind downloading and using Chrome.

But don't force me.  I don't respond well to intimidation.  Give me some reasons, Google, and I will be glad to consider it.  But don't tell me you are going to make it impossible for me to continue a blog I have been using for years just so you can force me to devote even more of my computer's hard drive to Google.

Don Keith

UPDATE:  Yes, indeed.  When I downloaded and installed Chrome, my blog posting page works beautifully.  Please, Mr. Google, explain to me why you would disenfranchise all users of the latest version of what is still--in many analytic reports--the number one web browser?  Because you can?  It worked.  I downloaded your damn browser.  And I guess I'll see if I want to use it instead of IE9.  But I won't enjoy it.  So there.


Brick said...

It doesn't help you, but on Monday I saw that Chrome became the most used browser - over IE. (I later read that MS disputes the methodology, but in any case I believe the gap is, at least, closing.)

Don Keith N4KC said...

I've actually had access to browser data based on people who visit my day job's (make that former day job) various web sites. You are correct that Chrome is making headway and may well overtake IE. But it's not there yet, and even when it takes over the top spot, how can Google ignore a significant number of its users? Baffles me.

Thanks for commenting.

Don said...

You left us so updated. I appreciate your effort.