Saturday, January 9, 2010

Your cell phone may be good for you!

It's true! Your cell phone may actually help prevent alzheimer's disease. Talk away, confident in the fact that RECENT RESEARCH (on mice) shows the radio frequency emissions from the typical mobile phone may actually help people with the malady and similar others.

Next they are going to find that the RF from my ham radio station is keeping me from catching the common cold. And all those years I sat fifty feet away from a 50KW AM radio station has increased my intelligence and prevented the heartbreak of psoriasis.

Bottom line--and all kidding aside--is we learn more and more everyday, and the real point is that knowledge builds on knowledge. Recent breakthroughs in using RF to kill cancer cells (mentioned way back up the archive...with development by a ham radio guy) is a good example. I still believe the good news is that we will conquer many known killers and debilitators in the next decade, greatly prolonging life for people in most parts of the world (it will take longer where people still rely on witch doctors and ju ju).

The depressing news is there will always be new threats coming along to challenge those who strive for the end to unnecessary death.

Remember that scene from Star Trek when surgeons were about to cut into the brain of an injured crewmember and the ship's doctor was appalled at such "barbarism?" He pulled a little device from his pocket, passed it over the man's head, and healed him in a few minutes.

I have a scar from my ribcage halfway around my right side from a cholecestomy (gall bladder surgery) in 1974. A nurse saw it this week when I was in for some tests and couldn't believe it. That surgery now--and for the last dozen or so years--leaves a few tiny pips. The nurse had never seen such "barbarism!"

Well, I digress. I've been forgetting a lot of things lately so I need to go call up somebody and talk to them on my cell phone...if I can remember where I put the dang thing!

Don Keith N4KC (friend requests welcomed)


Anonymous said...

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David Feller said...

Funny - I'm going back to using the cell phone next to my head instead of hte bluetooth headset. In fact, my product is a wireless universal remote ( ) I think I'll leave it in my lap from now on to stay healthy.