Thursday, July 23, 2009

V - A - C - A - T - I - O - N

So I'm at the beach this week with most of the family, and man! we are having a great time. I had planned to be prolific and profound and post pithy blog entries on some truly fascinating things going on with rapid technology changes.

Didn't happen. Nor did I write a word on the new novel I've started. Or work on the book proposal I owe my agent. Or edit a couple of spec scripts we're pitching. Or do a couple of day job things I wanted to get out of the way before reporting back to the office Monday.

But you know what? My grandaughter, Alexa, and I raced each other all over the pool. Laci...our some great photos of the beach. They and their dad got a kite way, way up there and went crabbing (caught a couple and released them). Our daughter got to stay four days and our oldest son has been here all week, along with his bootleg, low-power radio station with a format that puts the commercial broadcasters to shame. Charlene and I have loved watching all of them have a great time (Just wish the daughter- and son-in-law could have been here, too.). We've had some wonderful meals--inside and out--and slept in, stayed up too late, ate too much junk, and spent hours just watching sunsets and pelicans, and talking.

So to heck with this blog. At least until next week.

Don Keith N4KC


Anonymous said...

You enjoy your break, Don! You've earned it!


Wayne C. Long, K9YNF

Don Keith N4KC said...

Thanks, Wayne. The beach is a nice place. Guess that's why they charge so much for us to shack up there for a few days.


Don N4KC