Friday, May 23, 2008

The world -- in your dash!

I have speculated here and in other forums about what a major sea change will happen when wifi internet access is as ubiquitous as cell phone signals or--dare I say it--broadcast radio. Well, it is here, now--at least in a few lucky spots--and it seems to be working moderately well.

Read this article and tell me it is not inevitable that each of us one day has a browser in the dash. God help us if people actually try to surf the web while negoatiating expressway traffic! But think of the ability to listen to radio streams from around the world, as the fellow in this article did, or dialing up MapQuest for driving instructions on the fly (assuming the GPS is not soon as common as the turn signal lever). I think you will see browsers with knobs and dials like radios, or pushbuttons that take you directly to bookmarked streams.

Hey, how about rig control from your car, even if you and your vehicle are in San Francisco and your radio--hooked to the 4-element SteppIR and a 1.5KW amp--is back in Birmingham. Kind of gives "mobile" a whole new meaning, right?

Hang on! This is going to be fun!

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