Saturday, March 29, 2008

Have things really changed so much?

My nephew, Bob Jones, sent me the two photos here under the title of "Where have I seen this before?" I had to look at them for a moment to see his point. Here you have an Old Pilot TV-37-U vintage TV set with its 3'' picture – circa 1948. On the right is a docking station for a video iPod, circa 2008.

So, we're back to 3" screens, I guess!


Mark van Wijk said...

This is what I like !**
At my QRL we make these iPod/MP3 docking station stuff. However when it comes to Audio& Hi-Fi, I prefer the 1970-1985 era. Philips especially :). The technical and mechanical quality of those days is still unsurpassed and available at unbelievable cheap prices.

'73 Mark, PA5MW

**p.s. I made a photocopy and put it on the communications board in the hallway of Philips.

Anonymous said...

Mark, thanks for the comments. I am one of those nuts who claims he can hear the difference between digitally reproduced music and the old turntable/tube amp setup. And not just from the pops, clicks and rumble!

There is a certain warmth and "soul" there that "perfect" reproduction misses somehow.

Or maybe I'm just a curmudgeon.


Don Keith N4KC