Saturday, December 29, 2007

The ultimate conceit

Seems to me it is the ultimate conceit that anyone would assume that anyone else would seek out some idle comments from anybody else amid the billions and billions of bits and bytes that make up the Internet. But, here I go! I'm moving to the "blogsphere!"

I started this blog with the honest hope that it might become a place where I could bring my own observations to the table and begin honest and rational discourse on various issues or aspects of our hobby, ham radio. It does not have to be contentious or even serious. It can be as simple as recent experiences, upcoming events, or interesting tidbits. It can be as technical as you want to make it or as simple as it can be. Or it can be opinion on things going on with our hobby. Like everything else today, change is rapid, and those who can't accept it or who are frightened by it are facing what can only be termed "hell." I would love it if this blog became an active forum for viewing and dealing with that change.

I read an interesting article the other day that says scientific knowledge is doubling every five years, and medical knowledge is doubling every three years. I also heard that the first man to live forever is already 60 years old. And the average lifespan of a baby born today is 125 years. Think these projections don't have profound effect on society, us, our lives, and our simple little hobby?

So that's the tenor of this blog. Conceit? Maybe some. But I hope whatever comments I bring here will serve to spark thought, debate, and knowledgeable discourse somewhere a step above what we typically experience on such forums as and And that from this forum, we are able to make amateur radio an even better hobby.

Thoughts? Share them here! I'm ready to copy!

Don N4KC

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